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Nope, this isn't a website - just a brief index. However, the temporary web address will forward you to the right address in the future as well, in the unlikely case that we get a huge amount of energy to make a beautiful website. For now, just download the package here. Instructions for installation and usage are included in the package.

The very latest of the latest of the very latest, check the oer-ext cvs at



OER-EXT is a set of perl scripts which provide information for the ext command in oer or oer+MySQL. The most common uses are fetching weather and tv programme information. OER-EXT contains a simple perl module which can be used for creating custom information fetching scripts.

The current OER-EXT package contains data fetching scripts for weather( and, tv programmes( and headlines.


DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION (2009/06/09 - Update for fmi weather only) (2002/10/22)

OLDER VERSIONS (might not do what needed) (2002/10/20) (2002/05/22) (2002/05/13)



#opers on B2IRC(, or via web interface

code: Sivis
documentation/stuff: Kyuu


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